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Welcome to the Association of Staff and Faculty Women (ASFW)! As our name suggests, we are an organization committed to focusing on all women at The Ohio State University, regardless of position or stage of career, and providing dynamic programming to help foster personal and professional development. Since 1930, we have been independently funded through our annual membership dues and program registration fees. Many of our Executive Board Members volunteer their time to plan, organize, advertise, implement, and review feedback for each of our events, while others commit to expanding our visibility, managing our finances, engaging members, and the list goes on. I have the extraordinary honor of serving as President of ASFW this year and am thrilled for you to see what we have in store!

This year, our challenge to you is to branch out. For some, branching out may be attending an ASFW Lunch and Learn event and inviting a friend to join you. Alternatively, you can branch out of your comfort zone and attend an ASFW social gathering. Others may find that branching out means trying something new or getting involved with an ASFW committee. Our team is planning brand new events to challenge your thinking, learn ways to empower and advocate for women, partner with other groups across campus, encourage diversity, and provide tips and tools for finding success and balance in your work and personal life. We are striving to branch out across campus to reach more women and discover ways to get involved in the community. ASFW has given me the confidence to branch out professionally throughout my career and provided opportunities to connect with incredible women across the university. We hope you accept the challenge to branch out this year to see what ASFW can do for you, too. We are devoted to supporting and serving the women at OSU and look forward to meeting you at one or our events soon!

-Tiffany Quattlebaum, ASFW President, 2016-2017